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Romanian Exporters - Company Profiles 2012


            AGFD TANDAREI SRL  
Address: Str. Teilor nr.1
City: Tandarei
Phone: 0040 243 273243
Fax: 0040 243 273153

Contact person: Barbu Gabriela - Supply Manager
Fiscal code: 2083177
Year of establishment: 1983
Quality Standards, Licenses/Certifications: ISO 9001: 2000
License for manufacture of starches A/42959
License for manufacture of glucose, fructose and maltose A/42960
Type of activity: Manufacturer
Field of activity: - Manufacture of starches and starch products
Short description: AGFD TANDAREI SRL is a private company with foreign capital, established in 1983. Since 2001, the company is part of the Austrian group "AGRANA" and working in production and marketing of starch and glucose from corn.
Since 2002, the company experienced a rapid development, so is imposing on the Romanian market, as well as on the European market through quality products, respecting the most stringent European quality standards. Our clients are leading companies in the food industry, paper industry and textile industry.
Export offer: - Maize (corn) starch
- Modified starches
- Glucose syrup
- Germ of corn
- Bran, sharps and other residues of maize (corn)
- Gluten flour of corn
Main export markets: Bulgaria, Greece

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