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          CONPET SA




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0040 244 401360; 515910; 401301 


0040 244 516451


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Liviu Ilasi - General Director

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Type of activity:

Service provider

Field of activity:

Petroleum and gas industry - Transportation of crude oil 

Short description:

Transport and distribution network 

CONPET’s core busniness is the supply of services under equal contractual conditions for the transport of domestic and imported crude oil and crude oil derivatives (rich gas, condensate and liquid ethane) to the Romanian refineries.

The transport network covering approximately 4500 km of pipelines extending across 24 counties, is divided into 4 major sub-systems:

- Sub-system for Domestic Crude Oil Transport of about 2150 km, transport capacity – 10 mil tons/year;

- Sub-system for Imported Crude Oil Transport of about 1200 km, transport capacity – 18 mil tons/year;

- Sub-system for Rich Gas and Liquid Ethane Transport of about 1150 km, transport capacity – 314000 tons/year for rich gas and 72000 tons/year for ethane;

- Sub-system for Transport in Railway Tanks.

Operations are controlled from local and regional dispatch centers that are coordinated by the Central Dispatch Center located in the company headquarters.


CONPET’s main goal is strengthening its position as a crude oil, rich gas, ethane and oil products common carrier. A significant increase of the quality of services supplied to all our clients is foreseen following the completion of the crude oil pipeline transport system rehabilitation and modernization project and the implementation of a proper QA system.

Extending our market involves the implementation of a flexible Contact person system oriented towards traditional or new business segments. Thus CONPET’s strategy covers among others:

- Commissioning of our own modern telecommunication system with the possibility of extension for other clients.

- Conversion of some abandoned pipelines into telecommunication network support;

- Connecting our pipeline network to the European Pipelines System, by participating in the construction and operating the PAN EUROPEAN crude oil pipeline ( ConstantaPancevoOmisaljTrieste).

- Commissioning of a National Dispatch Center in the company’s new headquarters.

Export services:

- Transport of crude oil and crude oil derivatives through pipelines

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