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Employers’ Organization of the Glass and fine Ceramics Industry – STICEF

Employers’ Organization of the Glass and fine Ceramics Industry – STICEF – was established by the Court Judgment 547/PJ/1991 and operated during 1991-2001 based on the Law 21/1924 and on the Government Decision 503/1991; this organization has been operating based on the Employers’ Law since October 18th, 2001. It is an independent company, with no political character, established as per the domain criterion; it represents its members’ interests before the public administration and justice authorities, with regard to the syndicates and to other domestic and foreign institutions and authorities.

The organization’s activity is carried out as per its Bylaws and its Rules and Regulations. Within the employers’ organization activity, the companies are represented by the presidents of the Boards of Directors.

60 companies are part of the STICEF Organization and they run the following activities:

  • Domestic and decorative glassware;

  • Fine domestic and decorative porcelain;

  • Domestic and decorative stoneware;

  • Terra Cotta decorative articles;

  • Laminated and float glass;

  • Processed flat glass;

  • Mirrors;

  • Raw materials for glassware, flat glass and ceramics;

  • Consultancy activity for the following domains: Quality system and environmental management implementation;

  • Glass and flat glass research institute.

The members of this organization produce 80% of the entire glassware production, 50% of the entire porcelain and stoneware production and 70% of the entire window glass production in Romania.

STICEF's goals

-  To promote the general technical, economic and juridical interests of its members.

-  To formulate a development strategy for the glassware and fine ceramics industry and to participate in an effective way in adapting the national legislation to the European Union one.

-  To encourage the members to cooperate in order to increase the investments in new technology, effective exploitation and production capacity development.

-  To collect and make available to its members all current data and information concerning:

  • The development of the domestic trade and production, as well as of the foreign markets for the main products manufactured by the members;

  • The worldwide development of the technologies and installations within the members’ field of activity;

  • The evolution of the main raw materials and materials used in production by the companies – members of this employers’ organization;

  • The evolution of the technical norms and the promotion of the international standards.

-   To create an information exchange system in view to develop the collaboration and cooperation relations among the members of this organization;

-   To develop the transparency technique and the commercial advertising, to eradicate the unfair competition and the monopole tendencies.

-   To provide professional or technical advice for: to carry through a surveys, offers, documents for participation to auctions, negotiations for concluding a contract with foreign partners.

- To collaborate with other similar domestic or foreign organizations.

  STICEF, Bd. Theodor Pallady 45, Sector 3, 032258 Bucuresti
  Tel./Fax: +40-21-335.9489, Mobile: +40-724-206.012/ 788-390.995, E-mail:

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